All operators and guests will have a waiver on file.

Stay in designated areas. Do not cross or shoot over fences.

Approved eye protection must be worn in the field while operations are in session.

Do not fire at the animals.

Please use acceptable language.

No fires or incendiary devices.

No climbing trees.

No blind firing.

Please put trash in the trash can, not near it.

Be aware of both poison oak and rattlesnakes.

No smoking on the field. Only in designated areas.

Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated. No warnings.


No AEG (automatic electric gun) may fire greater than 400 fps (feet per second)

            (weapons will be chronoed with the ammo that the operator will use on the field)

No AEG (automatic electric gun) may fire an ammo grade higher than .25 grams without approval.

            (shower shells may use higher grades)


Do not call your hits on others. Just shoot them again . . . more.

Take your hits. Call yourself dead verbally and loudly.

If your primary weapon is hit than you may continue with a secondary weapon.

If you have no secondary weapon then you are considered dead.

All operators will abide by scenario rules.

Bang kills do apply as a courtesy.

If you are dead wear and keep your red death cloth on your head.

(alternately hold and keep your weapon above your head in a non-aggressive manor)

Dead men do not shoot.

Dead men do not talk. No talking except to say dead.

If you are dead move off the field or as specified per the OP.

Do not challenge the Marshals. Marshals have the final say.