Text Box: Where we come from.          
         We began as a group of local, and not so local, guys who shared common interests in martial arts, shooting, and other similar hobbies in Auburn, California. Some of the guys knowing each other from work, college, or having grown up in the same town.
          The first weapons were Airsoft springers, which quickly gave way to mini-electrics from local sport stores. Many backyard games were held wherever you could get away with spraying BBs while ducking and hiding behind the outbuildings.
Before long our band grew, attracting more serious players who in turn had the means of acquiring more serious arms.
          The PSG1, a Mauser rifle, and a green gas Glock-17 where some of the first items to see use on a 200 yard woodland field. Wooden, wire wheel rounds, and sheets of plywood and pallets were spread in the sloped grassy field. 
          By the stories we told, and considering what we had to compare it to, we thought we were real big time then. 
It was a lot of fun.
Text Box:   What made us.
        In early 2006 we had upgraded to Automatic Electric Guns (AEGs), buying our first from the makers Classic Army and Tokyo Mauri. The concept of regular uniforms began to be common practice at our venue of larger Airsoft games.
          One of the team owning acreage led to the advent of the team field. 20+ acres of rolling woodland with nothing but a road through it. We stood a few fallen logs together, and thought we had found Airsoft heaven.
          What the new field did do, is it gave us the understanding that we needed more range, more power, and better understanding of team unity and tactics. These things have been brought about by trial and error, as well as the willingness to venture to other fields and events.
          We not only witnessed first hand how teams should operate, but more importantly how they should not. Lessons were there to be learned at each engagement with both field and opponent. 
Text Box: Early 2007
Seen here are some of the first of what became the team.

Text Box: The New Field
This is one of the earliest pictures of FlapJack on the field.
For us, this was the days of learning what worked and what didnt.

DRAEX FIELD in Browns Valley.
Text Box: Dwarf
Many call themselves a sniper.
It takes more than just a long rifle and scope.
It takes ability, patience, and knowing something of your craft.

The Sniper.
Text Box: Diamond Corps . . . who we are.
          Diamond Corps is a Military Simulation (Mil-Sim) and competitive Airsoft team based in Northern California. We currently host or attend Airsoft events every month. Our events have a mission based theme and are held on our custom built field in Brown Valley. 
          Currently we have over twenty who are uniformed and armed to go meet the enemy as often as life allows. Our adopted uniform is U.S. Woodland BDUs from cover to boots.
          Each operator is allowed to equip himself according to his needs on the field. Personal loadouts vary from k-pots and webbing, to LBVs to full face masks.
           Most of our operators have adopted variants of the M4 due to the convenience of having a standardized team magazine.  However the arsenal includes MP5s, AUGs, M14s,   S.A.W.s, M203s and Tornado Grenades. Our weapons fire under 400 fps with 25 gram BBs, which is also our field limit.
          We hold training days for our team and guests to practice maneuvers as 4-man fireteams. Hand signals, and theory on military tactics and strategy are taught by members of our team who currently serve in the armed forces. Our thanks go out to those who have served, and those who continue to serve.
          This team bases its experience not only on how much it can take, 
but also on how much it can give.

The team motto is HONOR ABOVE ALL
Text Box:  Our Directive.
         Our team although competitive by nature will not place winning over sportsmanship, or the pursuit of a good time. We will endeavor to promote Airsoft as a competitive military simulation, and a healthy activity which brings people together. 
          Airsoft cannot be governed, but requires honor on the part of the operator to acknowledge that they are hit. This separates it from all other activities of its kind.

Text Box: Scramble
If you cant quite find where the shots are coming from, check the trees above you.
This guy has a way of being everywhere at once.

We call him Scramble.
Text Box: Kattiana
The Huntress and her 14. She has earned a reputation for headshots. Right between the eyes.

Her backup is a CA25 Match with 3x9 Scope.

Pure Diamond Corps.