Text Box: Battlefield Variety
	The constant improvements and large size of the Draex Field brings with it ever changing terrain. The field is very seasonal. Meaning, in the spring the duel canopy terrain is heavily foliated, with huge mossy rocks, and bright green grass. And in the fall, it has tall grass and dry woodland, with still no shortage of cover.
Text Box: Many added Features
	The Draex field at Diamond Corps is not your backyard game. The nearly ten acre field is not only the larger of the two fields at Diamond Corps, but it also contains loads of improved cover. Its heavily wooded, rocky landscape has Bases, Outposts, numerous blinds and is riddled with foxholes.
Text Box: Shaded Rest and Ready Area
	At our shaded Ready Area there is power and water available to you while you check your weapons and site in your scopes on the range. No Ready Area would be complete without a weapons rack to keep your AEG out of the dirt. Everything a trooper needs.
Text Box: Are you ready for this Battleground?
	A place where battle after battle, you find new places to hold ground, or set an ambush!
	With assault troopers rushing from the trenches, riflemen behind the walls, support weapons in the foxholes, and snipers in the tall grass. 
Find your place among the cover, and make a stand.
“Gear up” and head to Diamond Corps!

As if your job wasn’t hard enough!

            The over 120 feet of trenches will have you diving for cover! Have you tried to get well armed men out of trenches? How well does your nerve hold when not in wide open spaces? Ever longed for the life of a tunnel rat?