Text Box: About Us
	DIAMOND CORPS is a Mil-Sim (military simulation) competitive Airsoft team. We continuously strive for team unity, and tactical advantage to defeat our opponents. Conduct is held in highest regard and is reflected in our motto “Honor Above All”.
Our formation is driven by unified team tactics using hand signals, fire and mobility tactics, and the study of military strategies. Our goal is to achieve the objective by a safe, and intelligent means.
We are constantly looking for a challenge in both field and opponent. Although we strive for the objective to the best of our training, the win is not as important as having had a good experience.
Text Box: Operator Requirements
	Diamond Corps has requirements in the areas of equipment, uniform, and participation. For an organization to exist as a team it must look and act as a team. Having a similar team loadout also assists in the identification of “friendlies” when on the field. For this reason, we have adopted the following set of requirements.
	Each operator will have a primary AEG. This may be of any style chosen by the operator, although M4 variants are encouraged. We do this so as to have a similar magazine type during an OP. Spring and gas operated weapons do not qualify. Pistols also do not qualify as an operators primary weapon.

	Each operator will have a full set of Woodland BDU’s.
This includes the pants, jacket, and hat (cover). The cover can be a boonie, cap, covered helmet, or any other style of the operators choice. Pouches, packs, drop bags, and other LBDs should be uniform similar. Our uniform requirements include boots for the reason that most of our events are held in rugged terrain where good protection is needed.

	Operators are responsible for bringing batteries and enough ammunition for the event they are attending. 
Included with the ammo should be enough magazines to equip the operator if some them get damaged or do not function.

	Additional required items are: a red death cloth, approved eye protection, and any event fees.

	Additional equipment that is not required but is often useful are: a back-up AEG, a pistol with holster, radio with or without a VOX system, compass, rifle slings, gloves, water bearing devices, and your personal food. Although not mandatory, it is also a good idea to have basic replacement parts and tools to perform required equipment maintenance.

	Operators are free to ask assistance of the team for help in acquiring these items. Most team members have quite a vast knowledge on where to get the things you will need. Feel free to contact us with questions.
Text Box: Rules of the Corps
	Honor will be held in the highest regard. All operators will have the moral integrity to conduct themselves in a courteous manner. Keeping your honor is the objective.

Operators will work within the team to facilitate unity.

Operators are responsible to act in a safe manner.

When on our home field all house rules will be followed.

Bang kills may be used as a courtesy.

Any disputes are to be handled politely using a Marshal.

Hits to any part of the operator or his worn equipment will be taken as a valid incapacitating shot.

Corps members will not spawn-kill or res-kill. Move away from res areas, and allow opponents to return from a safe area before engaging them.

Corps operators will not call hits on opponents. We will allow our opponents to call themselves “dead”. If the targets has not called dead just shoot them more!

Dishonorable conduct will not be tolerated. Any operator caught cheating will be immediately dismissed from the OP.
Text Box: Training
	DIAMOND CORPS  members have been trained in a military standard 4-man team. These groups are sometimes called fireteams. Each team works independently or with other teams to complete the objective. Occasionally it is necessary to reinforce a team so that it includes more than four. Additionally there are teams which are sometimes split in pairs to do a particular job. Examples: Sniper or DM, and a Rifleman, Support weapon and an Assault guard.
	Generally, operators are classified by the weapon they carry, which defines their field role.
	Assault troops usually carry short , quick reaction weapons  such as the MP5, M4 Seal, and other short barreled weapons. They lead the squads and specialize in close quarter action.
	Riflemen carrying M4 Carbines or similar rifles are a solid general purpose infantry. They combine the mobility of the shorter weapons with a longer barrel for improved range. This majority are the workhorse of the team.
	Long Rifles (Marksmen) are more than they appear. They are set aside from the standard rifleman by not only having an upgraded rifle, but the patience and ability to use it. They are typically at he rear of the action taking single long shots over their squads. This operator does a majority of the damage to the enemy.
	Support troops are the heavy weapons carriers. They will be armed with a Squad Automatic Weapon (S.A.W.). They advance with a squad covering the side likely to engage the enemy. Alternately they are set in defense to hold lines of attack.
	We continue to work toward team unity and tactical advantage. The more experienced Corps operators are often able to fill several different field roles depending on scenario needs. Each OP, fireteam positions not filled by our veterans are filled using any available operators.

IN THE WET . . .

IN THE DRY . . .